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Chard Swiss , Bright lights - Rainbow Chard

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Beta Vulgaris, (Circa late 19th century) 'Beet Leaf', The middle ground between brassicas & salad leaves is often ignored - chards, spinaches & other similar leaves are not only delicious but can be year-round in productivity with very little effort, plus the backbone of any productive garden, Stems of red, purple, pink, yellow & white with both green & bronzy leaves. Dazzlingly attractive in all stages of growth & Chickens love it too!! Very happily takes to cut-&-come-again harvesting & hardy in all but the coldest areas. Good young in salads, or steamed. (Circa late 19th century), Treat as a biennial, Seed Count Approx - 50 avg

 SOWING - Sow in 23-30 cm rows, spacing seeds 10cm apart in drills 1 cm deep from mid-April. Chard is ready to harvest after approx 12 weeks. Will grow well in most soils but likes well-manured ground in full sun. Do successional planting from Mar to Sep and harvest thru the winter, Use a sharp knife to cut individual leaves from the outside of the clump.

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