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Celeriac , Prague Giant (19th Century)

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Apium graveolens rapaceum, Circa -19th Century, Intensely & richly fragrant of celery. Large, white, globular, Smooth skinned "root" used raw or cooked, like a turnip. Boil it, mash it, bake it whole (remove the skin before eating), or excellent in soups and stews and used for making vegetable juice. Also shredded and used in salads with greens! Its hollow stalks are used in Bloody Marys, High in fibre, no cholesterol or fat & very few calories. Stores VERY well, keeping 3-4 mths in the fridge, Seed Count Approx - 750 avg
 SOWING - (110 days) Sow in spring into a seed tray filled with good-quality compost, Water gently, then place the tray in warmth, Once the seedlings are large enough to handle easily, transplant each into its own pot of compost, firm and water well, Plant out the plants in late spring, when they are 5-7cm tall. Oct maturity

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