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Cornsalad (Lambs Lettuce) , Verte de Cambrai

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Valerianella locusta, Cold-tolerant, Refined French cultivar, An especially cold-tolerant, refined French cultivar with long spoon-shaped dark leaves and a distinctive, tangy flavour that forms a dense, upright bunch with good colour, small round leaf shape & excellent mild & nutty flavour. All-year rounder ‘green’ planted in the autumn (with protection) for wintergreen or spring-planted for Summer salads. Very high in vitamin C & grows like spinach. The unusual name reputedly comes from the lettuce's resemblance to the size and shape of a lamb's tongue., Seed Count Approx - 300 avg
SOWING - Sown in rows all through the autumn, winter & spring, so as to produce a constant succession of crops. The younger the leaves, the better they taste in the salad, so daily picking is best, very winter hardy (Doesn’t do well in summer heat)

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