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Mint - Liquorice Mint - Herb , (Korean) or Blue Liquorice Mint

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Agastache rugosa, huo xiang- Aromatic attractive flowering herb, (Circa 500 AD) Hardy aromatic perennial also known as wrinkled giant hyssop, purple giant hyssop, Indian mint, blue liquorice, huo xiang, & Chinese patchouli.  Aromatic attractive flowering herb from the meadows & streambeds of East Asia. Tall, upright stems with bluish-purple flower spikes make this an excellent cut flower. The toothed leaves taste like a mix of spearmint & liquorice & used for both culinary/medicinal purposes, particularly useful as a hangover cure. One of the top 50 Chinese Medicinal herbs. 60cm Spread & Height (Picture translates to: Korean National Cloth), Seed Count Approx - 225+ avg
 SOWING - Sow seeds on the surface of moist potting soil and keep it evenly moist, cool, and in the sunlight until germination. Start indoors, and later transplant in full sun 12" apart. Can also be propagated by root division

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