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Flowers , Cornflower - Colour Blend Mix

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Centaurea cyanus, Happy Mix of very Attractive, Double-flowered,- You know the Black and love the Blue, but this mix will lift the song in your heart with a joyous happy mix of very attractive, double-flowered and easy to grow a mixture of different shades of pink, purple, white and red. The plants are bushy and compact. They have a good drought tolerance and would love a sunny spot in your garden and any soil type., Just imagine what they look like as Cut flowers sitting on your Dining Table. Has long been an indicator of good farmland & so symbolizes fertility & abundance, Hardy annual. Height: 38 - 45 cm. (Semi-dwarf), Seed Count Approx - 70 to 80 avg
 SOWING - Prefers cool growing conditions & should be directly sown outdoors in the autumn or early spring for best results, can be sown straight into the ground where they are going to flower, so make sure the space you are going to sow is weed-free, Rake the soil to a fine tilth (so it's a fine, crumbly soil) and make some drills 12mm deep. The rows should be spaced about 30cm apart., A nice sunny area is best.

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