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Cucumber , Delistar - Thin Skinned (Greenhouse)

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Cucumis sativus, Great Eater, Greenhouse Variety, (F1) - Nice looking, smallish, crunchy, aromatic, and sweet-tasting this is an unusual Burpless Greenhouse variety with its thin skin, hoping to be picked and eaten fresh, right off the vine! Fruits are usually about 6 inches long and kind of thin, so just the right size! Sow in Spring March to May, Harvest July to Sept / Oct (Non-Ridge) Pinch out  side-shoots two leaves beyond a female flower., Seed Count Approx - 12 avg 

  SOWING - Best sown in a propagator between Mar & Apr, or May to June if sowing seeds directly outdoors. Sow seeds on their sides at a depth of 1cm in 7.5cm pots of free-draining, seed compost. Transfer young plants into 25cm pots late Mar (heated) or late May (unheated) & harden off the plants before transferring them outside.  Keep evenly moist – little & often is best. Train main stem up wire or cane.

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