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Brussel Sprout , Dwarf - Long Island Improved

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Brassica oleracea, Circa 1892 - (Long Island USA), A Green variety Introduced in the 1890s, this historic heritage open-pollinated semi-dwarf, (24-inch) variety was once the most important commercial sprout in the United States. It’s a compact Brussels sprout with heavy yields! This is a workhorse variety that produces sturdy spikes with yields of 75 to 100 dark green edible florets that mature from the bottom up and take on sweeter more flavourful tones after a light frost.  Brussels sprouts mature 80-115 days from transplant, Seed Count Approx - 200 avg
SOWING - Remember Crop rotation, Sow mid-spring to Midsummer outside for autumn harvest. (1 to 2 weeks germination). Hardy & needs cool, moist weather with some frost at maturity. Harvest until Nov/Dec or all winter in milder climates. Keep well watered

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