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Melon, Sharks Fin  (Fig Leaf Gourd)
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Melon, Sharks Fin (Fig Leaf Gourd)
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Cucurbita ficifolia, Also Cidra or Japanese Black Seeded Squash, Tender perennial Climbing Vine with all parts of the plant being edible, Despite its various names, it’s treated as squash & gets its name as the strands are scraped out & made into broth resembling the texture of shark fin soup. The plant is widely used both in Asia & S. America where its called Chilcayote (Mexico), Chila (Peru) or Sambo (Ecuador.) This variety trails a bit (can be hung), giving 4 to 5 pale green fruits per plant with have mild-flavoured, cucumber-like flesh. Best treated as a winter squash & harvested at the end of the autumn when they mature. They will store very well (several months & reportedly over a year) in a cool, dry, frost-free place over the winter., Seed Count Approx - 6 avg
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