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Parsnip , White Gem (Medium Length)

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Pastinaca sativa, strong wide wedge-shaped roots, This is an excellent variety with strong wide wedge-shaped smooth-skinned roots & a fine flavour (Some say the best-flavoured variety). This also offers excellent Canker Disease resistance and copes with most soil conditions. Harvest after the frosts start as with the cold, rather than destroy the plant, the parsnip improves with frost as this turns the starch into sugar and actually improves the flavours (10 to 12 inches with a 3-inch shoulder),, Seed Count Approx - 300 avg
 SOWING - Sow early to mid-spring direct where they will grow, at (1.5cm) deep in rows (45cm) apart. Firm down well & keep moist. Thin out when 4-5 wks old to (25cm) apart, Prefers a deep, well-drained soil in a sun, will do well on ordinary cultivated soil

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