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Aardaker (Earthnut pea / Earthnut Acorn) or Dutch Mice

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Lathyrus tuberosus, Edible Root, perfumed Perennial Climber, An ancient Vegetable, Also known as Earthnut acorn & Dutch mice, Small climbing perennial plant, Originally grown for both its fragrance, appearance (Like a Pink Sweet Pea Flower) & also edible tubers. A trailer / weak climber, supported by tendrils, grows to 1.2 m tall. After harvesting, the usual small crop of inch-long, tapering tubers (looking like both mice & acorns) are typically roasted (or boiled) for a ‘gentle nutty flavour’. Once in great demand in French markets & In the (16th c) its flowers were distilled for perfume & fermented beverages or bread were occasional other uses, with oil pressed from the seeds. Like peas, they also help to fix nitrogen in the soil, not invasive. (Let Flowers go to seed., Seed Count Approx - 10 avg
 SOWING - Direct sowing possible from Mid Spring depending on weather, Soak seeds in water for several hours before sowing. Loves sunny places and best provided with climbing aid (like peas). In autumn the small tubers can be harvested. Let the flowers go to seed, or put some of the tubers back in.


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