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Hyssop, Pink - Herb , Roseus - 'Fragrant Aromatic'

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Hyssopus officinalis, Extremely attractive to Bees & Butterflies, Yes, It’s really a pink Version, Similar to most ways Hyssop Blue, Roseus' is a small, extremely Hardy, semi-evergreen sub-shrub, with narrow, dark green leaves and spikes of ROSE PINK tubular flowers in summer thru to early autumn. Extremely attractive to bees & butterflies & well known for attracting cabbage white butterflies away from brassicas. Mature Height‎: ‎18-24 in tall), A superb antiviral plant that many use to treat flu, for brewing tea, flavouring liqueurs & a medicinal plant once used in purificatory sprinkling rites by the ancient Hebrews., Seed Count Approx - 100 avg
 SOWING - Seeds are sown in spring & the seedlings are planted out 40–50 cm apart. should be grown in full sun on well-drained soil, & will benefit from occasional clipping

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