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Flowers , Nasturtium MIXED 'Splashed Troika Leaf'

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Tropaeoleum majus, Semi - Trailing VARIEGATED TROIKA LEAF, - Attractive stylish Semi - trailing annual, with lovely bright coloured flowers of Creamy Cream, Dark Orange, Deep Red, Vibrant Yellow and Whirlybird Gold, set above/amongst green & cream variegated (Troika) leaves, cascading delicately over the side of a hanging basket or patio container. Cascades 45-60cm (18-24in) Long-flowering & easy to grow. Cut back after flowering. Sow (outdoors): Mar, Apr, May. The peppery flavour of the leaves & colourful flowers will enrich both soups & salads & unripened seeds can be used like capers. They attract beneficial insects & can be used to trap aphids & deter whitefly, protecting toms, cucurbits, & brassicas., Seed Count Approx - 20 avg
 SOWING - Sow, covering lightly. Keep moist until seedlings appear. Space seeds 3-4 ins apart, no need to thin out. 20 ins between rows. Prefers poor soil, if too rich, foliage is produced at expense of flowers. Once established requires little attention. Annual

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