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Tomato , Argentinian, Wild Currant (Very old Determinate)

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Solanum pimpinellifolium, Very Old Determinate - Let it Scramble, This variety of tomato is probably from a different species than the tomatoes we are used to,  It is a form of wild tomato native to Ecuador and Peru but naturalized elsewhere, this particular one coming from Argentina. It produces a vigorous, sprawling plant bearing masses of 'currant' tomatoes with a tart, tomato flavour. This plant will often self-seed. These wild species often demonstrate some blight resistance and are thus used in modern breeding., Seed Count Approx - 15 avg 

  SOWING -  Surface-sown or covered only slightly, Don't allow to dry out but don’t overwater. Keep warm until germination (10 days approx), move to WARM bright light area. After about last frost, transplant out into protected growing pots. Plants can be staked if so desired but will go fine without & side-shoots should be left on. Will grow as well inside or out & not fussy about Pots or open ground, Just depends on your needs & space.

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