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Okra - 'Lady's Fingers' , Super (Bhut) Bhindi (Tall Elegant Bush)

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Abelmoschus esculentus, a Unique New and stunning Release in the UK, More well-known as Gumbo in the USA, is, Probably, the most beautiful thing you ever grow in your garden &  the best okra available for UK Production. This newly released, Unique Okra from Burpee Seed (never before offered in the UK), presents itself stunningly with a plethora of lovely white to very pale cream flowers, then loads of long greenish fruit on a strong, sturdy, very beautiful, upright growing, airy & multi-branched plant up to 4 to 5 ft tall. A flowering plant of the mallow family, this vigorous grower is highly suited to cold greenhouse production in the UK, so grows best in full sun, preferring warmth during the growing period, so would do best in a sunny greenhouse or on a warm, protected, sunny Patio., Seed Count Approx - 20 avg 

  SOWING - Easy to grow but seeds have a hard coat that can slow germination. Soak the seeds overnight in warm water before planting.  Plant seeds 2cm (1 in) deep & prick out at 3 to 4 leaves (5 inches Tall) & move to the final growing position. Germination is within 7 to 14 days & requires approx 48 to 75 days to maturity, depending on the variety. The pods grow very fast and require picking at about 4 to 5 in to prevent them from becoming fibrous.

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