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Melon , 'Lottie' - A Classic 'Netted Skin' Cantaloupe

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Cucumis melo, Cantaloupe - Netted Skin & Sweet Orange Flesh, (F1) A classic cantaloupe, ‘Lottie’ has a lightly netted skin, symmetrical and when cut its fragrances are sweet and delicately perfumed, with an irresistibly sweet orange flesh with a Brix of around 15% (Sweet!). They add colour and firm texture to fruit salads and make a beautiful addition to a fruit platter or as a dessert with ice cream or custard. The seeds are edible and may be dried for use as a snack. The Netted skin should have a honeyed, musky, and floral aroma when ripe and will feel heavy for its size, Cantaloupes are believed to be native to Persia and Western Asia and have been cultivated since ancient times. These bushy plants yield 4–5 fruits and are resistant to downy mildew., Seed Count Approx - 24 avg

 SOWING - Sow two seeds per pot of seed compost in a 9cm pot. After germination, remove the weaker of the two seedlings and keep the compost moist but not too wet. Plant out in late spring to early summer in full sun in well-drained soil. Cantaloupe plants need about 85 days to mature but don't rush planting. Sow seeds only when temperatures reliably stay above 50 to 60 degrees F. As the plants establish, keep tying the long main stem to plant support.

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