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Green manure , PRE-POTATO Green Covercrop (Sow Autumn)

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PRE_POTATO - 13 to 14 sq. mtr Coverage Approx, Sown during the Late Summer or early autumn for spring Crop. Contains 80% Brown Mustard & 20% Tillage Radish & designed to precede a potato crop. This bio-fumigation mix reduces nematodes, relieves compaction & adds biomass & is a cheap, economical source of composting material & soil improver, plus reducing weed growth where it would otherwise remain empty Contains 80% Brown Mustard - quickly establishing & can help reduce Potato Cyst Nematodes when turned in & great for weed suppression. Ht: 60-90cm. More frost hardy than other mustards. & 20% Tillage Radish - a rooted brassica, to improve soil structure. Its deep rooting ability breaks thru compacted layers for better drainage & air movement within the soil.

 Sow Late Summer into Late Autumn while the soil still has warmth left in it. Then In the spring approx 3 wks before digging, cut down & leave laying ready to dig in. The nutrients held in the plants during this period are then released & become available to a newly sown or planted crop, Seed Count Approx - 55 to 60 grm

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