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Tomato , Lizzano Cherry (Bush) BLIGHT RESISTANT

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Solanum lycopersicum, (Semi-determinate)  BLIGHT RESISTANT, Lizzano (F1)  (Winner of the All-America Seed Selections award for 2012) has a proven excellent resistance to late blight & well known for its tasty fruit, high yield, disease resistance & a dwarf bush growing habit that makes it perfect for containers or small gardens along with a low, trailing growth habit that's great for hanging baskets, 'Lizzano' bears 1-inch-round, bright red cherry tomatoes ready to harvest 105 days from seed sowing or 63 days from transplant. Fruits are produced continuously for a long harvest period, with  a growth of 16 to 20 ins tall and 20 ins wide, with semi-determinate to determinate (Bushy) growth, Seed Count Approx  15 avg 

  SOWING - Sow in a frost-free greenhouse or windowsill & Pot individually when large enough to handle. Surface-sown or cover only slightly, Do not allow it to dry out. Keep warm until germination (3 to 10 days), move to WARM bright light area. After about last frost, transplant out into the growing pot. Plants DO NOT need staking & NO side-shoots removing. Keep well-watered & feed weekly once flowers form.

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