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Courgette , A Tasty 'Sure Thing' (Compact)

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Cucurbita pepo, Compact - Small Garden or Patio Pot Plant, (F1) Courgette Sure Thing is a very high-yielding variety. Being a parthenocarpic plant means this will bear fruit early in cool, cloudy conditions (typical of the UK summer) even when there are few bees or male flowers around. This is compact and has an open plant habit, best suited to small gardens or Patio / Container growing and just finish it all off, it’s a really tasty treat to eat!, Seed Count Approx - 12 avg 

  SOWING - Likes a sheltered position & rich soil.  Sow indoors Mar to April into small pots or direct insitu outdoors after frosts, Sow the seed just pushed in under the surface & when 3 to  4 in tall, move to the final growing position., Harvest courgettes at about 3 to 4 inches long; frequent harvesting keeps plants producing a crop, Water regularly in dry weather

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