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Radish , Munchen Bier - 'Aerial Podded' Rat-Tailed NEW TO US

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Raphanus caudatus, COOL WEATHER -  Edible Rat Tailed Pods, (Circa 1815) A heirloom not well known today but once favoured by English royalty. This was rich in history, intriguing in form, taste & name. While not forgetting the longish whitish pinkish Radish itself,  It is, of course, the seed pod that is the Party Piece, prolifically growing amongst the leafy straight-up stems which form flower clusters where its skinny French Bean or Pea Pod lookalike seed pods form, The pods have a spicy, hot taste & are ideal for salads, raw food platters& dips.,, These pods were at one time popular in Munich, where they were eaten raw as a snack with beer or battered & fried as a starter, The Radish itself has a good healthy radish taste, yet more delicate & more refined flavour than a normal root radish. (Raphanus sativus var. mougari), Seed Count Approx - 200 avg 

  SOWING - Edible-podded radishes grow in full sun in any good garden soil,  Culture is easy. Pests are the same as for root radishes, Sow seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep & thin,  Successive sow every 3 to 4 weeks through season, keep leafy stems trimmed and tidy and pods regularly picked

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