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Gourds , Fancy Warted 'Small Gourd Mix' (New to Us)

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Cucurbita siceraria, Small Warted Fruit with Colour Patterns, This mix will present you with a unique mixture of small-sized warted gourds in various combinations of yellow, orange, ivory, and green shades with its eye-catching mix producing warted fruit with colour patterns that are solid, striped and bicoloured on interesting small warty fruit shaped like pear, spoon, and sometimes even round.. A colourful and interesting mix that enhances Autumn displays. The maturity is approx 100 days These are not generally edible because of the small size etc, but not harmful if you want to try them. Skins get very hard over time. Treat as a Semi-trailing small squash, can be trained on a fence line or similar., Seed Count Approx - 15 avg (UNTREATED)

 SOWING - Squash will not germinate in cold soil & need a warm position. Planting should be delayed until the soil has warmed (or started in a greenhouse mid-March onward), Harvest when fruit has developed a deep vibrant colour or started to die down. Clean & place gourds in a dry place that will have good air circulation to prevent rotting.

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