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Mountain Sorrel , Wood or Alpine Sorrel (New to us)

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Oxyria digyna, An Attractive Edible Perennial, Mountain sorrel is an attractive edible perennial of the middle part of the alpine tundra zone. Its leaves are acid-tasting and rich in vitamin C. Therefore, they are a popular vegetable among Lapps and Inuits. Native to arctic regions and mountainous parts of the Northern Hemisphere. A small, perennial species with kidney-shaped leaves and small clusters of green flowers which turn red. Height 10 to 30 cm. Not frost tender. It is in flower from June to August, and the seeds ripen from July to August and are pollinated by Wind. Prefers moist well-drained rocky soil in a sunny position or partial shade. Requires a lime-free soil[, The habitat: Damp rocky places on mountains, especially by streams, avoiding acid soils. Locally common on enriched soils below bird roosts., Seed Count Approx - 150 avg

 SOWING - Sow Oxyria from early spring to early autumn. Sow seeds shallowly in pots or trays of compost, prick out seedlings and then pot up into individual pots before transplanting them out, or if you prefer you can sow directly onto the surface of the soil and lightly rake them in.

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