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Leek , Hilari (Early variety)

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Allium ampeloprasum var porrum, (organic) The earliest or for succession planting (30cm), Native to the UK, Medium green leaf. Very long, narrow and closed 30cm, 4 to 5 cm wide, slender stem shafts as early as July without the onion-like thickening at the root, therefore simple, easy to clean. Bolt resistant and quick growing.. an early leek variety bred for successional sowing as it is very fast to mature. Also suitable for greenhouse or tunnel cultivation and for growing early crops under glass. It forms a white to light purple, twisted, flowery blossom., Seed Count Approx - 175 avg

SOWING - For early leeks: from mid of January for planting out in March (Treat as a Short term Perennial,), for autumn leeks: February till March for planting out from May till June and for winter leeks: April till the beginning of May for planting out from the beginning of July till the beginning of August. Planting distance: 30-40 x 8-15 cm, Sowing depth: 2-3 cm. Gently draw up dry soil around the plants in stages as they grow, Water during long dry spells and weed regularly.

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