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Apple, Discovery - 2-tier Espalier (BARE-ROOT) SPECIAL DELIVERY

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We regret this larger tree is not included in our 'Free Delivery for Orders over £100' offer. Please contact us by email at sales@pennardplants.com for a delivery quotation.

Malus domestica on MM106 rootstock. Dessert. Raised by Mr Dummer of Langham, Essex around 1949. Said to be from Worcester Pearmain crossed with Beauty of Bath. Attractive, well-rounded apple. Bright red, crisp, juicy with a sharp fresh flavour. Has good disease resistance. The compact growth habit makes this a good garden variety. Ultimate height 2 - 2.5 metres. Picking time early August. Pollination group 3. Priced for a 2 tier espalier tree

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