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Agretti (Salad Herb) , Roscana - Friars Beard

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Salsola soda, (Circa 16th C.) Opposite Leaved Saltwort, AKA:  liscari sativa or barba di frate..  A Rare, Cut & Come again salty springtime green succulent salad herb with good colour & feathery looks (like a cross of fennel, rosemary & grass), offers a pleasantly robust grassy, salty taste & crunchy texture when regularly cropped in bunches (young at 8 to 12 in long), Favoured in Italian & Japanese sushi creations, eaten raw, chopped & tossed in a salad; more commonly boiled, steamed or stir-fried (like samphire). Spring or autumn grown, prefers cool semi-sun, fine in containers, close relative to the USA tumbleweed, Salsola tragus., Seed Count Approx - 28 to 30 avg
 SOWING -Normal garden conditions, with a once-weekly dose of saltwater for saltiness. Needs Cold Stratification before surface sowing in early spring Inside, start them in a tray covered with about a half-inch of soil and move them into pots as the first true leaves emerge. Keep moist & move on, planting insitu where they will stay, prefers cool semi-sun - Annual, Spring or autumn grown, fine in containers

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