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Alecost Herb , Herbe Sainte-Marie or Costmary

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Tanacetum balsamita, Perennial 'Herb' -  (circa 872 AD), (Also, Balsamita vulgaris) Known in France as Herbe Sainte-Marie. The whole plant emits a soft balsamic odour - pleasant & aromatic, stems rise 2 to 3 ft & bears in Aug, heads of yellowish flowers in loose clusters, (does not set seed in the UK). Use fresh leaf in salads & in pottage, or dried into potpourri, as it retains its aroma. The roots used as a spice & preserve giving a spicy flavour to Ale - hence ‘Alecost.’ Widely grown since medieval times in herb gardens & earlier centuries for medical purposes (astringent & antiseptic) Hardy Perennial, Seed Count Approx - 400 avg 

  SOWING - Hardy Perennial - Divide roots early spring & autumn or sow seed early spring in pots or insitu after frosts. Will thrive in almost every soil or situation does best on dry sunny land. If grown in shade, it goes strongly to leaf, but no flower. Trim as needed.

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