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Mixed Leaf Salad Blend , Cosmopolitan Franco-Italian (Early Spring/Autumn)

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Various Salad Leaf, Bold Flavours  'Cut and Come again', Offering flavours of the mainland & thereabouts, typical of Italy, France & a bit further afield. Forget those domestic mixes with wimpy leaves & little flavour or texture. This varied mix is a statement for big bold salads as well as a pick & pluck array of Micro & Baby Leaf greens. SO, in no particular order, its; Endives (curly & escarole) Two Lettuces, Cornsalad, Erba Stella (Greens), Cutting Celery, Salad Rocket, Italian Stridolo (aka sculpit), Greek Cress, Borage microgreens, Chervil, a tweak of Baby Kale, Beef leaf, & Opps, Oriental Toon Micro Shoots (for that bit of way out there!). What more could you ask for?, Seed Count Approx - 600+ avg 

  SOWING - Sow seeds Spring to Autumn in a protected position like a warm greenhouse or frames when chilly, (or pots or window boxes in summer) & snip out when about the 3 to 4 ins. Harvest to picking approx. 28 to 35 days,  Sow little & often for continuity

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