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Skirret Seed , Crummock or Sugar Root

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Sium sisarum, (Circa 1548 UK) Aromatic long white roots, The name Skirret comes from Dutch ‘Suikerwortel’ meaning ‘sugar root’, Chinese origin, cultivated in the UK since A.D. 1548, Small fragrant white flowers from late spring. However, its true potential is found within the sweetish, somewhat aromatic long white roots, used as a vegetable likes Carrots or Salsify & Parsnips. Cook like beets, boil, stew or roasted for soups & stir fry. Pick shoots in spring & roots in autumn after a light frost for the best flavours. Said to have been given by Landowners to their peasant workers as a cheap source of prolific, high protein food. Days To Maturity 120-140, Can be slow to germinate, Seed Count Approx - 175+ avg

 SOWING - Days To Maturity 120-140, Can be slow to germinate, Best in rich, well-drained soil, prefers full sun but will tolerate light shade. Seed should be sown insitu in the spring, after the last frosts. Once seedlings emerge, thin to 12 inches. Not suited for indoor growing. Extremely hardy, Disease Resistant

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