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Rampion Bellflower , Raperonzolo (Root Vegetable)

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Campanula rapunculus, (17th C) German 'Peasant Root Veg', Leaves used as spinach & roots look like a long radish. Can be cut early for salad leaf or left & harvested from late Autumn when the roots are long, best cooked in stews or sauces & it has the most beautiful purple flower which has to be seen! Hardy, Ht: 30 to 40 cm – A root, when full-grown, is often 10 to 12 in long & carrot shape, whitish on the outside & in... When Eaten, the thick, outer covering of root is removed & dressed like Skirret & Scorzonera offering a rich nutty flavour., Seed Count Approx - 250+ avg  

 SOWING - Sow very tiny seeds (mixed with sand) undercover early spring & pot on as soon as big enough to handle, Harvest Late summer for leaf or Autumn for root. Full sun or partial shade, Ht: 30 to 40 cm, prefers compact soils. (Leave until 2nd year for flowers)

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