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Flowers , Yellow Rattle - Vampire Plant, Yellow Comb (AUTUMN PLANTING)

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Rhinanthus minor, 2 Sq. Mtr - Cock's Comb, Vampire Plant, An annual root semi-parasite of grass species that will substantially diminish grass growth, allowing space for both greater qty & variety of wildflowers within the meadow. Has spikes of bright yellow hooded flowers with a purple-pink flush to the base May-July (very attractive to bumblebees) & seeds rattle in inflated seed pods, hence name. When sowing into existing grassland ensure all the wildflowers have finished & have had a reasonable opportunity to set seed, grass can be mown down to one inch sometime in late August into early Autumn, then finish by treading or rolling after sowing to ensure contact with the soil. Will germinate in spring after a winter frost. (Needs to grow with and live off the grass) NOTE: It cannot survive without a grass Host !!!, Seed Count Approx - 600 avg

 SOWING - Sow into existing mown grassland, scarify area by raking harshly - the crucial thing is its need to contact with soil, Needs a frost to germinate, SOW in Autumn/early Winter, (Late Aug - Nov inclusive) self-seeding, (Needs to grow with and live off the grass, don’t try to remove all the grass) Annual - 600 seeds covers approx. 1.5 to 2 mtr. Do not mow or disturb the area between flowering time and when plants will seed in July / early Aug.

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