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Flowers, Sweet Pea , 'Painted Lady' Grandiflora - Fragrant

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Lathyrus odoratus, Daughter of Original (Cupani), (circa 1737- Original) Lathyrus odoratus - Very Fragrant Pale Mauve Pink & White Bi-colour - The Daughter of the Original - discovered growing in a planting of Cupani Original. This was the first bi-colour available to gardeners. 5 ft vine produces a very intense, enticing heavenly scent with rose & cream bi-coloured early blooms. Annual thought to be named after the Original Painted Lady, Queen Elizabeth, Ht: 5 to 6 ft, Treat as an annual, Seed Count Approx - 13 avg

 SOWING - Plant late autumn or early spring in pots & provide winter protection (Cold greenhouse - not heat), plant out in early spring after frosts for best blooms. Plant each seed in a starter pot, water once & only again after the shoot appears, then water & feed regularly thereafter. Use a good quality compost and plant them about 1cm deep, cover with compost and water them well

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