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Cucumber , Gherkin 'Picklebush' (Outdoor Patio)

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Cucumis sativus, The Perfect Pickler - 2 Foot Patio Bush, (Circa 1986) - The Classic Pickling Vegetable for Containers and Small Spaces - Burpee-bred Pickle bush has unbelievably compact vines that get only 2' (60 cm) long. White-spined fruits have a classic pickle look and taste, deep green with paler stripes. Up to (11cm) long, & (6 to 7cm) across at maturity, but use them at any size. Very productive and tolerant to powdery mildew and cucumber mosaic virus. (Ridge type), Roots should be disturbed as little as possible while transplanting, Seed Count Approx - 12 avg

 SOWING - Best sown in a propagator between Mar & Apr, or May to June if sowing seeds directly outdoors. Sow seeds on their sides at a depth of 1cm in 7.5cm pots of free-draining, seed compost. Transfer young plants into 25cm pots late Mar (heated) or late May (unheated) & harden off the plants before transferring them outside. Keep evenly moist – little & often is best. Train main stem up wire or cane.

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