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.Mixed Leaf Salad Oriental Blend , A Fusion of Colourful Oriental Greens (Cool Weather)

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Various Salad Leaves, Cool Weather  'Cut & Come again', This beautiful blend of colourful greens give a big bowl of a 'Cut & Come' nibbling choice of something different every time you drift past the garden, in keeping with a healthy lifestyle. Included: Mizuna (a little bit of japaneeze to get you rooting around for  chopsticks), Komatsuna (Nice greens as a great source of calcium), Pak Choi Colour Crunch Blend (for that little bit of oriental spicy mystique & colour splash), Amaranth (oh that has to be for the stunning colour's) & toss in Scarlet (Red) Orach (for the provocative taste of the east ) & how about some Bull's Blood (well we needed a bit more depth) and, of course, a sprinkle of Lettuce (just to bring us back to a bit of the Norm), Best with a bit of protection and this will tolerate cooler weather., Seed Count Approx - 700+ avg 

  SOWING - Sow seeds very early Spring or early Autumn in a protected position like a warm greenhouse or frames when chilly, (or pots or window boxes in summer) & snip out when about the 3 to 4 ins. Harvest to picking approx. 28 to 35 days,  Sow little & often for continuity

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