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Yacon 'Inka Red', Smallanthus sonchifolius

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Inka Red is a new red-skinned cultivar of this interesting tuberous vegetable. Cultivated in the Andes for centuries, its texture and flavour make it hugely versatile. After the first few frosts the foliage will die and the tubers are ready for harvest. Remove the tubers from the plant, keeping the central 'core' and growing points of the plant, and store it in a frost-free place as you would a dahlia. Replant in the spring. Height 2 metres. Sun or partial shade. Priced for: 2 litre pot

Use:  The flavour is fresh and fruity and reminiscent of pears. Make a salad with cubed raw yacon, blue cheese and walnuts. Boil and reduce it down to a syrup that is low in sugar and makes a great substitute for those on low-carb, low-sugar diets. 

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