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Apple, Discovery - Stepover BARE-ROOT

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A BARE-ROOT tree for dispatch from the end of November to the beginning of March.

Trained in a 'stepover' shape, this is a very low-growing tree, on dwarfing rootstock (M106), that is ideal as a low, decorative and productive border for lawns, flower or vegetable beds. Height approx 40cms.

Malus domestica on MM106 rootstock. Dessert. Raised by Mr Dummer of Langham, Essex around 1949. Said to be from Worcester Pearmain crossed with Beauty of Bath. Attractive, well-rounded apple. Bright red, crisp, juicy with a sharp fresh flavour. Has good disease resistance. The compact growth habit makes this a good garden variety. Picking time early August. Pollination group 3. Priced for a Stepover tree, bare-root

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