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Canna Edulis , Queensland Arrowroot

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Canna indica L, Edible - A mix with large, attractive Green foliage (2 mtr tall) & various coloured mixed flowers and edible rhizomes. One of the richest starch sources, its starchy rhizomes are eaten cooked & taste like a potato when peeled & baked, or parsnip when roasted. Its advantage is tolerating both very damp & hot, dry soils once established, are pest-free & perennial, but need winter protection by storing rhizomes like dahlias. Tropical, yet can grow in most areas with 6–8 hrs sunlight during summer & grows best in well-drained (rich or sandy) soil (Protect in Winter so best in a pot)., Seed Count Approx - 5 avg 

  SOWING - Start in pots in the greenhouse, plant out after frosts in early spring,. Not exacting in its climatic needs, except cannot withstand prolonged exposure to strong winds & can be grown on most soils except heavy clay, (Protect in Winter so best in a pot). Not Hardy

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Seeds have sprouted
- 06/28/2022
I was worried if these tough little bullets would sprout.
After soaking in warm water overnight, gently peeling off first layer of membrane on seeds and placing under my grow lights, seeds sprouted within 12 hours.
4 days later, now have a second leafread more