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Aniseed - Aromatic Herb , Anise - umbelliferous

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Pimpinella anisum, 'Anise Burnet Saxifrage', One of the oldest species used by Humans, Medicinal & Culinary Herb, a native of Egypt, Greece, & Asia Minor & in use in the UK since the fourteenth century. Cultivated widely for its aromatic seeds & the oil from them used medicinally & a flavouring in cookery. A dainty, white-flowered umbelliferous herbaceous annual plant up to 1 m (3 ft), with secondary feather-like leaflets of bright green & its flavour, with similarities, but not to be confused with star anise, fennel & liquorice, is sweet, very aromatic & known by its characteristic flavour like the black jelly bean & British aniseed balls., Seed Count Approx - 200 avg

SOWING - Sow in dry, light soil, on a warm, sunny border, early spring, where they are to remain. When up, thin them & keep them clean from weeds. Allow about a foot each way. The seeds may also be sown in pots in heat and removed to a warm site in Mid-spring but seedlings can be fragile, so best to direct sow.

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