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Pumpkin , Batwing - Baby (Small) Bi-colour (Its back again!)

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Cucurbita pepo, Semi-Bush vines (great for kids), 90 days - Open Pollinated, ‘Festive and great for kids’, This rare (Tennis ball sized) three-inch rounded fruit offers nice looking novel bi-colour patterns like being dipped in green paint across the bottom of each little Pumpkin. Batwing will produce a variation in fruit colours, with a few being completely orange or all dark green, but mostly being half orange and half green which will mature to a few Orange into winter. This semi-bush plant produces good yields of tiny - quarter-pound bicolour pumpkins., Seed Count Approx - 10 avg

 SOWING - (90 days) A warm spot, well-drained & fertile soil with plenty of composted organic matter and mulch to conserve moisture; Sow one inch deep into small pots early spring & transplant after frosts or Sow directly insitu after the threat of frost has passed. Sow one inch deep in hills or rows spaced twenty-four to thirty inches apart

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