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Caper Bush , Flinders Rose (Circa 1590's)

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Capparis spinosa, Semi-evergreen Hardy Perennial 2 ft Shrub, (Circa 1590's) Yes, it’s what you think it is - a low growing Semi-evergreen hardy perennial shrub to 2-3 ft with arching red stems & dark green, semi-succulent round leaves, with flower buds like a dark olive-green corn kernel – sized caper from May to Sept, Pickled & used in salads, pasta & meat dishes, & sauces & one of the ingredients of tartar sauce. Left unpicked the buds form delicately scented pinkish-white flowers, opening at dawn & closing in the late afternoon. Caper leaves are used in salads & fish dishes. Fully hardy (Found in the Alps) needs a semi-arid or arid climate (So grow undercover or in a greenhouse), Sunny with poor soil - Can be slow to germinate, Seed Count Approx - 8 avg

  SOWING - Easily seed grown in Spring, 2 wks cold stratification in the fridge & planted into the moist seed-raising mix & left, sprouts in 2 to 4 wks. Or from semi-hardwood cuttings in early spring. Needs dry, arid Sun & poor soil, with almost no water, do-not over-water!

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