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Basil - Herb , Greek - Compact (Small Leaf)

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Ocimum basilicum var. minimum, Compact Perfectly Spherical Bush, Native to Southeast Asia, This is a very compact perfectly spherical bush with tiny green piquant leaves appearing as though having been pruned, .making it an excellent choice for container gardening. In fact, its typically grown in Greek homes in window boxes & pots on a wall  for quick while-you-cook snipping, the leaves are smaller & softer than those of other basils & used whole in salads Ht: 15 - 30cm (6 - 12in) All basils are very tender annual herbs that cannot withstand frost, Seed Count Approx - 275 avg
 SOWING - Basils grow best in a sunny WARM location and need a well-drained, rich soil. Plants started indoors and hardened off in Late Spring can be planted outside to their permanent location & spaced about 12 inches apart. Annual - Not Hardy

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