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Alexanders O. ( Herb) , Winter Parsley of Alexandria (Symrnium)

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Smyrnium Alexanders olusatrum, aka Black Potherb, Horse Parsley, Alisanders, Biennial Edible, in the family Umbelliferae, (a flavour between celery & parsley) once known as ‘black potherb’ because of its black, spicy seeds & Horse Parsley, Alisanders & Smyrnium. In leaf through winter, with flowers in Spring. Although now replaced by Celery in modern cooking, roots are sweet & aromatic, leaves are used in stocks for a robust flavour like angelica, but the young stems are best. They can be boiled or steamed & served as a side vegetable. Large umbellifer flowers are yellow-green & fruits are black. Once used as a medicinal herb & can grow to 4 ft. . Partial shade. This plant is often found around old religious buildings as the plant was highly revered as a religious herb., Seed Count Approx - 12 avg
 SOWING -Easily grown from seed & flowers in its second season. Prefers a cold Stratification, a period of chilling in the fridge will be needed (approx 4 - 5 deg c for 4 weeks). Best sown directly outside in autumn, as transplanting is not well tolerated by the young shoots. OR Sow autumn or early spring in containers & gently plant out seedlings in a position where they are to flower early Spring. Partial Sun to partial shade, Perennial, Very Hardy

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