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Mizuna - Purple Leaf , Streaky Kyoto Leaf

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Feathery Dark Glossy Purple Tinged Leaves, Brassica rapa var. Japonica (Red Knight) - Exceptionally pretty & very Hardy ‘Cut & Come again’, forming a bushy rosette of finely dissected feathery dark glossy purple-tinged leaves. The short leafy stalks are slender, white & juicy and very tender. Can be used at any stage from small seedlings to large plants, the younger & smaller the leaves the more tender they are. Baby-leaf, rarely seen in the supermarket mixed salad packs (Heat & Cold tolerant), Best planted in the cooler parts of the year, Seed Count Approx - 300 avg
 SOWING - Plant anywhere convenient insitu, High yields in 35-45 days all year round (cut and come again) Balanced & ornate, stands heat without bolting & cold winters outside, suitable for containers, very Ornamental in flower Bed

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