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Hops, Common , Strobile (slang) - Circa 19th C (Herb)

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Humulus lupulus, Female - hardy perennial climbing drying Vine, (Circa - 9th C)The dried ripe cones of the female flowers of this plant, a hardy perennial climbing Vine brought to the UK from Flanders in the reign of Henry VIII. Both Flowers & leaves are scented (in a Potpourri mix) & dried flower heads are used as flavouring & preservatives in beer or a stimulating tea. The young shoots of the vine are edible & can be cooked similar to asparagus, Add young leaves to salads for a unique & delicious treat. Hops may be used in herbal medicine in a way similar to valerian, as a treatment for anxiety, restlessness, & insomnia, A pillow filled with hops is a popular folk remedy for sleeplessness - Harvest when flowers turn light yellow in early autumn, Prefers Sun, Seed Count Approx - 50 avg
 SOWING - Sow from Midsummer to late autumn in a cold frame or protected spot outdoors as cold breaks seed dormancy, transplant following Spring, Germination is slow so be patient & do not discard seed /pots as it can germinate the following Spring, Hardy

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