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Lettuce Leaf , Old Tom Thumb - Mini Butterhead

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Lactuca sativa, (1850's) was originally from France as 'Laitue gotte à lente monter, introduced by the English firm of H. Wheeler & Sons in 1858 & one of the oldest lettuces still grown. A gourmet variety with distinctive shaped mini head & dark green leaves that are heavily crumpled, it heads into a little ball. Easy to grow in hothouses, cold frames & or protected outside, without a great deal of space, heads measure from 3 to 4 ins in dia. Mild tasting well-blanched interior leaves are soft & buttery, Compact heads are perfect for individual salads, and its also bolt resistant, Seed Count Approx - 300 avg

 SOWING - Sow in an unheated greenhouse or protected area outside, all thru the year making succession plantings every 1-2 weeks to ensure a constant harvest. Always harvest lettuce very early in the morning, Maturity 68 days Seed Depth: sow thinly and just lightly covered (5 to 10 days to emerge) Note: Lettuce will not germinate at high temperatures.

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