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Lovage - Herb , Edible Old English Sweet Herb

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Levisticum officinalis, Perennial Dark green leaf & Yellowish Flowers, Tall perennial addition to the back of herb garden with its hollow stems covered in dark green leaves & greeny-yellow flowers Jun/July. All parts have a similar flavour and flavour to celery.& It has long been cultivated in Europe, the leaves being used as a herb, the roots as a vegetable, and the seeds as a spice, especially in southern European cuisine. Ht: 3 to 4 ft, A "magic" companion plant; helps protect most plants from pests, so is thought to improve the health of all around it, Very Hardy Perennial, A much-underused herb that imparts a deliciously savoury edge to soups, stews and sauces, Seed Count Approx - 85 avg 

  SOWING - Spring sow the seeds in pots in the greenhouse or cold frame. Plant out hardened-off seedlings at least 60cm apart, Alternatively, Sow fresh seed in late summer / early Autumn. Sow directly in the prepared ground where the plant is to grow.

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