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Purslane, Winter , 'Miners Lettuce' - (Claytonia) Winter salad

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Claytonia (montia) perfoliata, Tough, Frost Resistant Plant (Dappled shade), Such a very pretty delicate looking thing, but; this is a Tough, frost resistant plant that grows well the dappled shade of trees, (producing a better quality crop in such a situation) but tolerates very poor, sunny, dry soils, Reliable hardy annual producing leaves in winter & thru the year. Individual leaves are small, but produced in abundance & easily picked. Stalks & flowers are good raw as a nice cut & come again addition to salad, Said to have one of the highest concentrations of Omega 3 of all the Leafy Veg (So they say) and with white flowers., Seed Count Approx - 250 avg

 SOWING - Seed should be sown in shallow drills or pots in a cold greenhouse, Late Spring into early Autumn (Sept) choosing a slightly shaded site, and the plants should be kept moist until that task is taken over by the winter rains. Always water the drill thoroughly before sowing. The seedlings should be thinned to leave them 2-3 inches (5-7cm) apart.

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