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Sweet Cicely - Herb , Sweetroot or Garden myrrh

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Myrrhis Odorata, Medieval Culinary / Perennial Herb – Most well known as the herb to cook with apple, rhubarb, red currants & gooseberries to help reduce acidity or sharpness of the fruit & as an important ingredient of the herb mix 'bouquet garni'. In the past, all parts of this herb were used for medicine as an aid to digestion & tea made from the leaves is said to soothe the stomach. Has flat umbels of white perfumed flowers with a flavour of aniseed, Stems are hollow, slightly grooved & soft fern-like leaves. Prefers shade, Hardy perennial to 90cm, Seed Count Approx - 15 avg 

  SOWING - 85 days –Sow in Late summer/Autumn, needs a few months of cold to germinate, likes a lightly shaded area with moisture, Scatter the seeds as a surface planting as it likes light for germination, Transplant to 2 feet apart in the spring.

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