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Thyme Herb , Lawn or Creeping - Purple Flowered

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Thymus serpyllum, Up to 2 cm tall & Creeping up to 10 cm Round, Can be used as part of a Creeping Thyme Lawn, this low, prostrate plant up to 2 cm tall & creeping up to 10 cm long, Strongly scented flower, either a lilac, pink-purple, magenta, or a rare white, all 4–6 mm long & produced in clusters. This very hardy plant tolerates pedestrian traffic & has odours ranging from heavily herbal to lightly lemon. Used as a seasoning for meat dishes, cabbage or green salads, & veg dishes & dried leaves in herbal teas throughout Europe & USA. An important nectar source for honeybees as well as the large blue butterfly, Seed Count Approx - 400 avg 

  SOWING - Easy to grow from seed though germination is slow taking from 14 to 28 days, Gently scatter seeds over the soil in the container you will be planting thyme seeds. Next, gently scatter the soil over the seeds. Water thoroughly. Cover with plastic wrap. Place the container in a warm location. Once thyme seedlings are 4 inches (20 cm.) high, plant them out. Sun or a small amount of partial shade; tolerates poor soil, trim once or twice a year

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