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Flowers , Cowslip Primrose, 'Wild Fairy Cups' (Autumn Sow)

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Primula veris, Nectar for Long Tongued Bees (Perennial), Although used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years, native cowslips are best known as one of the first flowers of spring with a rosette of wrinkled, toothed leaves from which arises one or more tall stems of dangling, yellowy-orange flowers (through April & May) often drooping to one side & filled with nectar for long-tongued bees, butterflies, moths & bee flies. Perennial, Ht: 3 to 6 inches. Intolerant of waterlogged soils. Though they are short the grass is generally shorter so they can still be seen. They are ideal to be grown in hedgebanks or in semi-shady situations. They may even flourish in open woods, Seed Count Approx - 165 avg

 SOWING - Intolerant of waterlogged soils and is only rarely found in the shaded habitat. needs a period of chilling to break dormancy - it, therefore, needs to be sown insitu outside in late summer or autumn OR ideally sow in the autumn in a seed tray. Cover with glass outside & plant out in the meadow in the Spring. Established plants can be divided up and replanted in the autumn.

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