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Flowers , Dahlia - Cactus Flowered Types

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Dahlia variabilis, A Mix of Various Cactus 'Aztec Sweet Yam', Edible - (A mix of various cactus types of flower head) Originally known as Aztec Sweet Potato or Yam, (but not sweet potato), One of those that have been around for centuries & both decorative & edible (when your bored looking at it, you eat the evidence). Named after the 18th c botanist Anders Dahl & is thought to have been tried out as a blight-resistant spud substitute during the Irish potato famine. Today, they are still popular in the native mountains of S. Mexico with a sweet potato taste, Semi-hardy, Sow: Feb to April, Harvest late autumn. (Not all dahlia tubers are edible), Seed Count Approx - 24 avg

 SOWING - Sow in Spring in a greenhouse in pots & plant out once frosts are past, Harvest Autumn, prefers well-drained soil in a warm, sunny position. will tolerate very dry conditions, regular watering will much improve the quality, Annual not frost hardy.. Fine Growing in Pots.
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