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Carrot , Early Nante (French Touchon)

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Daucus carota v. sativus, Fine, medium-long & stubby end - Heirloom, Rare old French Nantes type that’s undemanding & highly rewarding to grow. Early variety with a short growing period so can be successionally planted thru the spring into summer. Short length, succulent fat cigar-shaped, bright orange, Sweet flavour, brittle, aromatic & nearly coreless French variety, this blunt end variety can reach a length of 12cm. Not seen in the market much as they are too brittle for machine harvesting, but good freezer type. Stores well. Good for just pulling & eating straight from the garden, Seed Count Approx - 400 avg

 SOWING -Sow thinly early spring till mid-summer, direct into finely raked, warm, weed-free soil at about 30cm apart. Carefully thin seedlings. Grows best in a sunny position in soil which has not recently been manured, Lift in from 50 days onwards

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